Local, organic, seasonal

Local, organic, seasonal veggies delivered weekly to the Ironbound in Newark, NJ.
Join the 2019 Season in September!
The season will run until November 20th – join now and start picking up September 4th you will have 12 remaining weeks in the season:
BASIC share: $300 (that is $25 per week)
PREMIUM share: $350 (that is 29.17 per week)
Fruit and egg share options are available.
Contact eve at CSAnewark dot com
Organic Veggies grown for members
Throughout the season, the farmer delivers the vegetables once a week to the pickup site in Newark’s Ironbound, where members come to pickup their shares. The season runs for 24 weeks, starting in June through November. Pick-up is every Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm, late pickup or next day pickup is also possible. All details on the membership and how to sign up can be found HERE on our blog.
Circle Brook Farm
All our veggies (and the eggs) here at CSA Newark are grown by John Krueger and his crew at Circle Brook Farm in Andover, NJ – about an hour away.
No trucking of produce across the nation, no middle men — our veggies are local, fresh and affordable.
CSA members support a small, diverse, certified organic farm using sustainable farming practices- a win-win for members, the farmer and the planet!
Meet the farmer!
John Krueger and his team provide several CSA’s in Northern New Jersey with organic veggies and eggs of pastured chicken.
We like to refer to him as a “steward of the land,” since his way of farming (certified organic, crop rotation) sustains and nourishes the soil. We think you can taste it in the products.
Read more about John HERE.
Our pick-up location at 85 Hamilton Street is between New Jersey Railroad Avenue and Bruen Street, close to Penn Station. Google Maps always misplaces us by three blocks – if you type in 73 Hamilton Street instead of our correct address, they will show you our correct location. Go figure.

Address pick-up location 85 Hamilton Street, Newark, NJ 07105
Email info@csanewark.com